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About the Program


The Master in Communication of Science, Technology, and Health offers a master’s degree that trains qualified researchers to produce new knowledge that will enhance the dialogue between science, technology, health, and society and lead to the development of new initiatives and strategies in the field of science communication. 

Program highlights

. The Casa de Oswaldo Cruz partners with the Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro Research Institute, the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (Mast), the CECIERJ Foundation, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) to offer this program. 

. Through its courses and other academic activities, the program provides top-quality training in the communication of science, technology, and health. 

. By producing theses that attend to the academic community’s highest standards, the program’s students make relevant contributions to the expansion and consolidation of knowledge in the field. This encompasses research goals and topics as well as theoretical and methodological approaches and references within the program’s areas of concentration and lines of research. 

. Faculty and students are encouraged to produce consistent, relevant, and innovative research for publication in top-ranking journals in Brazil and abroad. 

. The program is tailored to provide an academic master’s degree for researchers and professionals who work in science communication. 

. Researchers in the program are taught the critical skills necessary to develop new initiatives, knowledge, and tools in science communication, with a special concern for the relations between health, science, technology, and society as a whole. 

. A key role is accorded to interdisciplinary dialogue between the various fields of knowledge that play into the communication of science, technology, and health. 

. The program sponsors debates on the communication of science, technology, and health in Brazil and abroad. 

. Through partnerships and agreements with other research and teaching institutions in Brazil and abroad, the program fosters exchange and affords the development of new research perspectives.


Program Chair
Luisa Medeiros Massarani 

Assistant Program Chair
Vanessa Fernandes Guimarães

Graduate Committee

Luisa Maria Gomes De Mattos Rocha
Monica Santos Damouche
Vanessa Fernandes Guimarães

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